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With the great diversity of our nation it is always an exiting challenge to meet with our different clients needs. Most of our clients are the general public which requires a good understanding of people skills. This makes the design process so much more interesting. We also cater for small developers in the residential sector. A drawing bureau for architects is in the pipeline in the near future.

The slogan: “A house is a machine for living in”, was derived from the French Architect Le Corbusier who was the first architect to come up of the idea of living in flats or similar structures. He also played a big role in the use of exposed concrete (brutalism) but is not always appreciated by people today. Some of his more known work is Villa Savoye and the Chapel of Notre Dame du Haut.

My use of the slogan is to reiterate the importance of architecture that works. One spends ones most valuable time (and money) at home and it should work well for the people who uses it.

“A house is a machine for living in.”


New Building Design

Residential, Light Commercial, Light industrial

Legalization of existing building work (as built)

Practical advice on design and materials

Facilitation of students practical studies

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Francois van Tonder

Francois van Tonder started doing architectural work in 1999 as an independent consultant in small design projects. He was also closely involved as a part time lecturer in CAD training for seven years at the previous Technikon Pretoria, Department of Architecture and five years at the Department of Horticulture at the same institution. He was also lecturing architectural draughting as well as architectural technology at Inscape Education Group during 2012-1013.

Francois holds a B-Tech in Architectural Technology (management) and is the sole practitioner at FVT Architecture as a Professional Senior Architectural Technologist.



Home Design

In golf estate



Panasonic Office

Office in office park



Home Design

in The Woods Estate


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Professional Senior Architectural Technologist
Cell: 082 872 6262